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Eco Zen ~ Living Design

Logos & Branding

Client: EcoZen Living Design, leaders in sustainable garden design.

Objective: To create a distinctive and serene logo that conveys EcoZen Living Design’ commitment to eco-friendly practices and harmonious landscape designs.

Design Philosophy:
The EcoZen Living Design logo is a harmonious blend of nature and design, symbolizing the balance between human spaces and the natural world. Central to the logo is the emblematic bamboo, chosen for its strength, flexibility, and status as a rapidly renewable resource. The depiction of the bamboo is minimalist yet evocative, reflecting the company’s approach to creating landscapes that are both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally conscious.
Encasing the bamboo is a duo-tone circle representing the Earth and its two principal elements in landscaping—earth and water. The circle’s split design is a modern take on the classic concept of balance, illustrating the equilibrium that EcoZen Living Design brings to every project, ensuring that natural beauty and sustainability are in harmony.

The typographic choice in the EcoZen Living Design logo is as intentional as it is symbolic. Eschewing the solidity of filled letters, the text is rendered as an outline, embracing the negative space within. This design choice is deeply rooted in Zen philosophy, which values the concept of emptiness or the ‘void’ as a state of openness, potential, and mindful awareness. In Zen, the space that is ‘not there’ is just as important as the one that is, suggesting presence through absence.
The outlined typography, therefore, stands for the serene and contemplative mindset that is the hallmark of a Zen-inspired approach to life and design. It serves as a visual metaphor for the way EcoZen Living Design envisions garden spaces—areas defined not just by their physical attributes, but also by the intangible sense of peace and balance they provide. This text design embodies the philosophy that true elegance and clarity in landscaping come from the harmonious interplay of form and void, substance and space, embodying the principles of sustainability and mindfulness at every level.

Flexibility: The logo is crafted to be versatile, ensuring clarity and impact across all media. Whether engraved on wood, embossed on paper, or displayed digitally, the logo stands as a testament to EcoZen Living Design’ dedication to eco-friendly elegance.

The EcoZen Living Design logo encapsulates the essence of sustainable design and their dedication to creating spaces that nurture both the environment and the soul. It communicates their pledge to landscape excellence, where every design is an intersection of art, ecology, and mindfulness, capturing the spirit of a truly eco-zen lifestyle.