LollyRot Designs

Bringing ideas to life with art, words, and design.


Welcome to my illustration portfolio.

Visual Storytelling & Children’s Book Illustrations: Proficient in Procreate, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Photoshop, I specialize in crafting captivating visuals that breathe life into stories for young readers. From whimsical characters to vibrant settings, my expertise lies in sparking imagination and engagement through compelling illustrations that enhance the storytelling experience. Through close collaboration with clients, I ensure a personalized touch for every project. I aim to deliver artwork that seamlessly aligns with outlined visions and objectives, creating an immersive and tailored visual narrative.

Pattern Design: Alongside my illustration skills, I adore creating pattern designs. Inspired by nature and infused with whimsy, playfulness, and inherent charm, these designs serve as complementary elements to merchandise or branding. Each pattern is lovingly curated to seamlessly enhance the project’s aesthetic appeal and resonate with the intended audience. Embracing the joy of exploration, I find inspiration in the project itself, allowing each pattern to evolve intuitively and authentically, ensuring perfect alignment with the project’s essence.

Logo Design: With a passion for simplicity and impact, I create memorable logos that embody the essence of a brand. Combining creativity with thoughtful design, I craft visual identities that leave a lasting impression while staying true to the brand’s identity and vision.

Branding & Package Design: While I continue to explore and develop in this area, I bring my established expertise in visual storytelling and design sensibilities to create engaging brand aesthetics and packaging concepts. Each project is an opportunity for me to blend creativity with functionality, aiming to deliver captivating and cohesive visual experiences.

I invite you to explore my portfolio and envision how my illustrations, pattern designs, and packaging concepts can enhance and complement your projects. Together, let’s construct a world of wonder and delight within every page and product.

About Me: While I grew up in Wales, I’ve called the United States home for the past 15 years. During the last two of those years, my family and I fully embraced the nomadic RV lifestyle. We embarked on adventures through an array of diverse landscapes, in our trusty RV Grimmbus. This unique way of life required me to adapt my artistic methods, leading to a transition from traditional watercolors and mixed media to the practicality of digital art on my iPad.

In the present year, we decided to head back to Wales in the UK where I was born – and have been rediscovering family ties and embracing a new, rooted lifestyle. 

My artistic style is as diverse as the places I’ve visited. I find joy in creating illustrations for children’s books, infusing a touch of whimsy and wonder. But from time to time, I venture into the intriguing territories of science fiction and the macabre, unveiling a darker, more imaginative side of my artwork. While I often enjoy creating short stories to accompany my art, it’s not a strict rule for every piece. For me, it’s a way to add an extra layer of enjoyment and exploration for those who resonate with my work. These narratives are like bonus content, offering a bit of extra depth and insight into the inspiration behind some of my pieces. It’s all about sharing a little extra creativity and fun.