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Snow Angels

‘With cheeks rosy from the crisp air and laughter bubbling like a melody, they laid side by side in the freshly fallen snow. Their little arms waved up and down, up and down, as they created a fleet of angels on the ground. The trees, dressed in snow, stood as silent guardians, and the sun, peeking through the gentle dance of flurries, smiled warmly upon them. In this magical moment, Mei and Aadi weren’t just making snow angels; they were imprinting memories in the heart of winter, memories that would twinkle like stars long after the snow had melted away.’

Children's Book Illustration

“Angels in the Snow” is an enchanting tale of Mei, a young girl from China, and Aadi, a boy from India, whose paths cross when their families move to the United States. Amidst the backdrop of a snowy American town, these two children from vastly different worlds find a common language in laughter and play. As they explore their new surroundings, they share experiences from their cultures, learn from each other, and create a unique bond that transcends their differences.
The story follows their adventures through the seasons, with a particular focus on their first magical winter in America. Together, they discover the joys of making snow angels, celebrating holidays from their homelands, and introducing each other to new traditions. This illustrated book is not only a celebration of friendship but also a tribute to the resilience of children and the unity that diversity can bring. It’s a reminder that home is not just a place, but the people we share our lives with, and that memories made in love are the ones that shine the brightest, long after the snow has melted.