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Seraphina & Isabella

The manor stood nestled amidst ancient oaks, it’s decaying facade a testament to the secrets held within. Amidst it’s halls, the whispers of a forgotten era lingered, carried on supernatural currents that stirred the tattered curtains. In this gloom shrouded world, two sisters resided, their bond unyielding and their spirits bound to the house.

Seraphina and Isabella, their raven tresses cascading down like dark waterfalls, were seldom seen apart. Their porcelain complexions were a stark contrast to their hauntingly somber eyes, filled with a knowledge beyond their tender years.

Isabella, the elder sister, possessed an eerie gift – a voice that could call forth shadows from their hiding places, causing them to slither and writhe under her command. Her whispers had a disconcerting power, compelling darkness to dance to her macabre tune.

Seraphina, on the other hand, carried an uncanny ability to manipulate dreams, her fingertips able to weave ethereal tapestries within the sleeping minds of others. She could traverse the realm of slumber, extracting things that lay buried within the subconscious.  

Together, they roamed the manor, twirling through it’s corridors like spectral apparitions. Their laughter echoed in the emptiness.