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The Obelisk

In the middle of the desert stood an obelisk, rising up from the sand like a giant sentinel, its surface smooth and unblemished by the harsh sands that swirled around it. As the sun began to set over the barren desert, a lone traveler happened upon the obelisk. The traveler was transfixed by it’s magnificence and unable to tear his eyes away from it. He felt drawn to it, as if it held some great secret within its stone walls. Without warning, the obelisk began to shake, its vibrations rattling the traveler to his very core. He stumbled backwards, but could not break his gaze. Suddenly, the obelisk split in two, revealing a set of stairs leading deep into the earth. The traveler hesitated for only a moment before descending into the darkness. As he descended deeper and deeper, the air grew colder and the light dimmer. But still he pressed on, driven by an insatiable curiosity. At last, he reached the bottom and found himself in a vast chamber, its walls covered in inscriptions. In the center of the chamber stood a pedestal, upon which rested a small, glowing crystal. The traveler approached the crystal, mesmerized by its pulsating light. As he reached out to touch it, the crystal suddenly erupted in a blinding flash of light. When the traveler opened his eyes, he found himself standing once again in the desert, the obelisk looming over him. But now he felt different….

Ethereal Mindscapes